Friday, May 05, 2006


Suddenly, quite a few milestones have passed. They haven't come regularly, but all in a rush - sharing a little about our plans with the church family, our daughter Jenny going to S Africa for 5 months and saying "goodbye" to the house, Sheena entering the last term at school, me handing in my notice and explaining to everyone at work.

We find ourselves in new territory, where everyone knows we are going. This makes some things a lot easier. It's not that we have ever kept it a big secret, but at least now there is no reason for not speaking openly. Some things are also harder - the way ahead is shorter and more defined. The milestones ahead (many of them goodbyes) are closer and as the pace quickens, there is more pressure to get things done.

It's also been a challenge, particualrly at work, to keep converstaions 2-sided and not just to speak about Rwanda. What we are doing challenges us enormously, but it also challenges others. My prayer is to have interactions whcih are more meaningful than usual because they are about what we are doing with our lives and about the most important questions of life.

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