Friday, December 22, 2006

The perfect breakfast

It’s no secret that physically we are not “roughing it” here. Breakfast shows this very clearly. Full cream milk only 1 day old, local honey, lemon marmalade made from our garden produce, fresh bread or rolls plus fruit salad of pineapple, banana and orange (our garden again). Unfortunately, the menu also includes 1 doxycycline pill!
Perhaps best of all, however, we can take 20 minutes to sit on the veranda and enjoy it together, with a stunning view over the lake to the Congo mountains. I think back to 5-minute “solo” breakfasts at home, where it is dark for about 4 months of the year. “Quality of life” is a wide and undefinable term, but for quality of breakfast, Rwanda is streets ahead.

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Ali Wright said...

mmmmm sounds delicious. I can picture the scene and the tastes - very envious.