Monday, November 05, 2007

Failed harvest

In May we went to a rice harvest. A youth association in one of the parishes had been given money to buy some land and there were great celebrations as they harvested 7 overflowing bags each holding 50kg of rice to be taken for processing.
This week we passed the rice fields at Bugarama again and calculated that since it was 6 months since our last visit the next harvest must be nearly due. Unfortunately, there was a very heavy hail storm just a couple of days later and almost the entire crop has been lost. The ears were knocked off the plants and washed away.
For our youth association, this is a setback. For a farmer who depends on the rice to feed his family, this would be a disaster. November is already a difficult month, there is little to harvest because it is too soon after the planting at the start of the rains and prices in the market are rising sharply.

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