Thursday, October 26, 2006

2 Rwandan proverbs

There is not a drink without a speech (traditional). This is very true, except there are usually several speeches – Rwandans love to talk.
It is easier to get rid of mosquitoes than a crowd of children following you (mine).


Alison said...

Teehee, yeah African children I know are very cute and quite adorable but those nice peacefull walks just won't be the same with the crowds!!! Imagine how Jesus must have felt though, it was hard for him to go anywhere without a crowd when he was on earth. I guess you have to find somewhere when you can hide and learn to value your alone time way more than u ever would have here!!

Those mosquitoes thoug, i dont like them at all!!! I remeber a week without sleeping in Morocco coz i kept waking up because i had 9 bites each of them at least the size of my fist, they were nasty.

Good to hear from you, xxx

Anonymous said...

Oh my God, I can't believe how mean you are by comparing those cute children to flies. They're just curious you know... Africa is a different place to be so definately there are things you won't find in any other place. If you want to get rid of those kids, you can leave the place, easy! But I really thought it was inappropriate to say that.

Ian said...

This last comment caused me quite some amusement - I really like kids! In my defence, Rwandans spend much more time trying to chase them away than I do. Although they are quite submissive individually, when a crowd of them runs after the car, as they often do in the villages, it is very hard to chase them away for safety's sake. They simply scatter and then regroup.