Saturday, October 07, 2006

There is no news today

Nor any other day. We have no TV, no radio that can receive anything other than music and we are so far away from Kigali that the excellent “New Times” newspaper does not come here. We don’t miss it. This may be because our initial month here has been so absorbing and there has been so much to do and to learn.
We have had one or two excursions into internet news, although the connection is a bit slow for that. It has done little to inspire us to keep “up-to-date”. Some typical examples :

Trivial political stories - someone saying something nasty about Gordon Brown.
Personal tragedies – terrible for those involved, but only of fleeting interest to others.
Blindingly obvious background reports – Lebanon needs money to rebuild after Israeli attacks.

We are going to persevere and hope to get a radio in a few weeks for the BBC World Service, but it has been an interesting experiment to see from a distance that even with 24-hour reporting, there often is no news today.

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