Sunday, August 05, 2007

Back in Rwanda

When I started to write a blog, I resolved that I would never make a post on the theme of “I’m back”. I have noticed on other sites that these seem to precede as often as to follow a long period of non-posting.
We are indeed back in Rwanda after a month in the UK with 2 graduations, a wedding and too many social events to recount behind us. We had a wonderful time, even if it was not very relaxing. It has been strange but reassuring to come to Rwanda and to see familiar things and sights. It is so totally different from last year when everything was new.
Our first evening was also a reminder of one of the most appealing aspects of life in Rwanda. We had left our car at the garage in Kigali (not the original plan, but that is a long story). One of the managers from the garage came to meet us from the plane at 930pm on Saturday night. He was in his own car with a relative who was visiting. We were offered dinner, but since we had already eaten we were taken to where our car was parked and helped with the luggage. Nothing was too much trouble. Now, the car was at the garage so long due to someone’s incompetence, but the warmth of the welcome and the personal service were such a lovely way to come back to Rwanda.

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